Circus of Murder

Circus of Murder



Friday 6th November 2020



Join us on Friday 6th November at St Ives Harbour Hotel
There is going to be a murder...

Roll up, roll up and come and meet such wonderful acts as the legendary Madame Sabrina and the ferocious Dog Boy.  Its 1910 and Judge Fooks has been obsessed with the Circus since he was a child and has finally got the chance to meet famous circus owner Mr Brockman and his troop. He has thrown a gathering for them but what trouble will find its way to the dinner in their honour?  What tensions run deep with these circus performers and will Mr Brockman still have a business when the evening is through?

Includes complimentary cocktail on arrival and a 3-course dinner. Tables booked for 6 or more will receive a complimentary bottle of Prosecco for the table.

Evening begins at 7pm | £35 per person

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